Graphic Muscle Television

UHF Channel 23, and Channel 31 on DirectTV and Dish Network

Graphic Muscle is a 30 minute weekly television series hosted by Lonnie Teper.  The show features up-close and personal interviews with the stars who train at the renowned Gold’s Gym in Venice, CA, the “Mecca” of bodybuilding and fitness.  It is about a diverse community of people who work out at the most famous gym in the world.  It represents what they are like as real people, how they train, and what motivates them to come into the gym day after day.  Some are bodybuilders, some athletes, some entertainers; some black, some white; some rich, some not, but they all share the discipline of working out.  The series is highly motivational, with a strong POV about exercise and training .  Bodybuilding is fundamentally a discipline that allows one to have power and control in life. 

Host Lonnie Teper is an award-winning journalist and emcee, author of the popular “News & Views” column in Iron Man Magazine from 1987-2007.  Lonnie has taught (Journalism, Public Relations, Health and Kinesiology) on the college level for 35 years; he has been the host of the Arnold Classic for 25 years. June will mark the 20-year anniversary of  Lonnie Teper’s NPC West Coast Classic, a National qualifier. Publisher John Balik called him “the best interviewer in bodybuilding,” and Arnold Schwarzenneger said of Lonnie that “he knows everybody and anybody who matters in the business.”  

Graphic Muscle Television premiered July 2, 2017 on KVMD in Los Angeles, a full power programming station available on cable, satellite and over the air transmission with a combined TV viewing audience of over 18 million, and is streamed on YouTube. 

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Episode One

Danny Hester

Rick Valente

Gerald Williams

Matt Pohlkamp

Kris Murrell & Jorge Lion

Logan Manus

Ron Gordon

Bonica Lough

Peter Lagermand